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Big Move


Abi's Footprints Baby Bank began in 2017, based in a shipping container and then a small industrial unit in Sudbury.

Since then, times have probably never been tougher for young families, nor demand for our services greater.

Crisis point

Before the current cost-of-living crisis many were already living on the breadline due to job loss or low paid work, health or housing problems, broken relationships, and so on. And we see more families being pushed into poverty, inevitably increasing stress levels and, in turn, affecting relationships and family life.

Many are struggling to provide basic essentials such as clothing, cots, bedding, stairgates, toys and nappies for their little ones.

So it’s no surprise that by early 2023 we were bursting at the seams and it was time for ‘Abi’s BIG Move’!

But first, a fantastic team of volunteers constructed a bright, well-insulated inner room and office within our new 1,900 sq ft warehouse.

Big Build

Welcome to the new

‘Abi’s BIG Build’ stretched our finances.

But what a huge difference it has made!

Families can now come and choose in comfort the clothing their children need, with friendly volunteers on hand to offer a cuppa and chat, as well as a listening ear.


They can then venture into the warehouse to ‘view and choose’ buggies, highchairs, and a myriad of other good, pre-loved items


Safe and easy

And our team is growing because more volunteers can now be safely involved - no longer having to cope with awkward tight spaces, heavy boxes, or ladders for high racking.

Can you help?

If you'd like to help us support struggling families, please consider responding to this appeal if you are able to.

Setting up our new site has been a significant cost and our annual rent has doubled.

A donation of any size would be so helpful! Thank you!